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Graham and Angela playing Grange Guitars
Testimonials from some discerning musicians.

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Ian Wickes (Rye, Victoria, Australia)
" Hi Angela and Graham
Just a short email to thank you all for supplying me with such a beautiful instrument.
The service and attention I have been given has been unsurpassed.
Although only just having #92 in my hands for just an hour or so, I completely agree with one of your other satisfied customers that made the remark that these guitars are the "grand piano" of the guitar world.
The absolute power and yet the most tender rich tones that your guitars are capable of give the player the full opportunity to express their music - and after all isn't that what a musical instrument is meant to do?
Thanks for all your assistance and care in helping me to purchase this instrument. "


Steve Smith (London, ENGLAND)
" Just bought the above instrument (Grange) from London Guitar Studios and wanted to let you know my initial experience has been amazing. It really has a terrific sustain, projection and power. Not to mention a beauty of timbre. It also is fabulously unique in appearance! "


Philippe Mariotti (Maillane, FRANCE)
" ......the more I played it the more there was to discover, little by little I could hear her awake and changing, better and better, notes after notes..... Quite amazing, a very good experience in fact, a wonderful instrument, from the choice of the gorgeous woods to the deep powerful tone, to the perfect set up. The projection is impressive, but the key is that the sound keep remaining sweet and mellow, I noticed that this one has a lot of overtones that gives a delightful kind of natural reverb that emphasis any phrasing giving lyrical to it. I really enjoyed this guitar, I think it should be any player's dream. "


Chris Wells (Canberra, Australia)
Chris discovered our guitars at the National Folk Festival and ordered a custom guitar with a D extension on the 6th string. A small lever on the extension piece allows Chris to flick the guitar into D tuning with his left hand, saving time and minimising the destabilising effect of retuning.
" What I really like it that when I am playing a piece with low D tuning is the string sounds full and rich but not overpowering the other strings, where on my other guitar with drop D tuning the string sounds a bit weak and muddy, probably due to the lower tension. What is surprising me is that going though sheet music and seeing if it has an open E and if not using the D and then playing that instead of the 4th string when open. There are more pieces than I expected without an open E (mainly in C or G) and due to the fretted notes being the same I am not having to relearn them but just play them as is but with the odd low D thrown in when I think it would fit nicely. "


Greg Allardice (Sydney, Australia)
" The guitar is delightful and to my ear is just beautiful to play. In the quiet of early morning the sustain is brilliant and trebles have sweetness and brightness. "


Alessandro D'Aco (Foggia, Italy)
" The best guitar ever I played in my life!
A beautiful and powerful sound with a balanced tone, very confortable and easy to play, a wonderful look too, what should I ask more? "


Dietmar Garn. (Kransberg, Germany)
about his Caldersmith Guitar - Standard Model Nr.56
" Great guitars. I love the sound , volume and playability of your guitars. This guitar supports me in every concert situation.
Thanks a lot Graham. "


Benjamin Bruant (Le Havre, France)
" Je suis tout a fait satisfait de cet instrument qui, en plus d'ètre jolie, a un son très puissant et doux à la fois. C'est vraiment une exellente guitare!!! "


Steve Thorneycroft.
Steve wrote ....
" Beautiful.......Thanks so much again - I'm really pleased to be able to play one of your instruments on a daily basis & I'm starting to find all this repertoire that I'd forgotten about...! "


Haddon Spurgeon (Canberra, Australia).
Haddon writing about his 1998 standard guitar # 30 ....
" This guitar continues to give enormous satisfaction to this player; its sound increases in richness and beauty. Thank you, Graham. "


Gilles Boyer from Noé, France .
Gilles Boyer recently purchased a concert roundback guitar. He is a fourth year student at L'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, studying under Rafael Andia.
Gilles had this to say ....
" I would like to thank you for the concert guitar #65. This is an outstanding instrument with great playability, and a fine and a powerful sound. The technical difficulties gives way to music and it's a big pleasure for me to play such a guitar. "


Peter Constant, Conductor of the Netherlands Youth Guitar Orchestra .
When he received the classical bass recently.
" It's faaaaaaaaantastic!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, what a thing! It's beautiful across the entire range, even at the very top and on that tricky bottom string. Straight away I decided I'm going to learn to play some solos on it (Bourees from Bach cello suite #4). It's well set up, no rattles. The sound is full, great sustain but a nice woody 'bite' to it, so not too sloppy. "


Karin Schaupp (Brisbane, Australia).
Karin's Octave guitar is very strongly featured on the latest Saffire album..
"It really is a joy to play."


Slava Grigoryan (Australia).
Slava had this to say about his classical baritone guitar in June, 2006…
"I am using the Baritone very regularly at the moment ….. in fact I'm using it in a bunch of solo shows in Europe next week. It is a stunning instrument. It's also a regular fixture in the Saffire line-up."


Benjamin Dix.
Benjamin Dix purchased a Caldersmith concert standard guitar in August, 2006. He currently works at Victorian College of the Arts where he 'endeavours to explore a world of new directions in repertoire by focusing on contemporary compositions'.
"It sounds fantastic and looks amazing. I find it a rather interesting instrument, each time I play it I feel as if I discover something 'new' about it and I guess in a way, it has opened up my playing, as I am exploring the various tonal and colour qualities of the instrument. The refreshing sound quality of the cedar and that certain 'crispness' of the blackwood to me is what makes this guitar so appealing. "


Ralph Towner (USA/Italy).
On receiving his new baritone guitar in January, 2006…..
"It exceeds every expectation I had. It is truly remarkable in every sense – impossible to put down once I start playing it, and the craftsmanship of the fingerboard, body etc. is beautiful. The ultimate thing is that it sounds amazing even though it has yet to be played in. It will sound even more breathtaking when it has been played for a while."


Eric Cathan (Central Coast, NSW).
Eric studied guitar in France under Rafael Andia for five years and is now teaching guitar at the Central Coast Conservatorium. He purchased Graham’s own magnum guitar in December, 2005 and wrote this after a public performance with it ……….
"The Magnum is magnified magic. Like the finest of Bordeaux wines opened at room temperature and reacting with the ambient air, the long sustained notes of the magnum hit the wooden wall, roof and floor of your ideal venue, to create an acoustic marriage rich in colours and clarity. To be sipped ……….through the ear drums!!!"


Ben Dean (Upper Lansdowne / Sydney).
Ben purchased his Caldersmith standard guitar after winning the Young Composers Award at the 3rd Australian Guitar Competition and Festival in 2004. His winning entry "Sleepwalker in a Storm" can be heard in the Musicians page of this website. He was then commissioned to write a piece for Saffire at the 2005 Darwin International Guitar Festival. He writes ………….
"Thank you very much for such a superb instrument………. a constant companion. I never cease to be delighted with the projection and tone".



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