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Workshop at Comboyne N.S.W. Australia
News - Last Updated 15th October 2013
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A musical tribute to Guernica

Rafael Andia with Claire Sananikone

A new CD from Rafael Andia, performed with Claire Sananikone

It is described as ....


A disc of guitar works (for one or two guitars)

Signed by composer and guitarist Rafael Andia who pursues here his ideal of an "expressionist flamenco" with guitarist Claire Sananikone.

This disc is devoted to the memory of all the people who have suffered from the Spanish war.

For further information, go to....

More info on INMEMORIAL. The scores of all the pieces are free download on Rafael Andia website at "Bibliotheque".

Inmemorial Flyer                     solstice-music

Bach's Goldberg Variations

French duo "Duo Melisande" (Sebastien Llinares and Nicolas Lestoquoy) have recently recorded Bach's Goldberg Variations on two Caldersmith guitars. Below is a review by Quentin Arnold and you can see their website for more details....


  The title Goldberg Variations, arose from a story, now thought to be doubtful, that they were commissioned for the 14 year old harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg to play. In 1802, the first biographer of J.S Bach, Johann Nicolaus Forkel, wrote that they were the "model according to which all variations should be made". The work has long been regarded as the most important set of variations composed in the baroque era. In the accompanying booklet to this CD, both Sebastien Llinares and Gilles Cantagrel cover the subject of Bach being transcribed. So called "purists" should beware because nobody transcribed Bach's music like Bach himself - from violin to lute, from lute to harpsichord etc.

These transcriptions are wonderfully guitaristic, as displayed by the harmonics at the end of var.15 or the crossing string sounds - lovely, and so distinctive to the instrument. In var.25 there is some background studio noise, including breathing and string squeaking, however, in my opinion, this does not detract from the music itself. These instruments, apart from being beautifully played, are constructed by the Australian luthier Graham Caldersmith and sound great. This 2013 recording is available on PARATY 113215.

Quentin Arnold, August 2013.        


New Guitars!!

We have several new guitars currently available in our workshop....

   - Grange # 64 Cedar/Black heart Sassafrass with Mallee Root decoration
   - Grange # 65 Cedar/ Monkey Pod, Huon Pine decoration
   - Grange # 66 Cedar/Australian Blackwood, Blackwood decoration
   - Concert # 97 King William Pine/Blackwood, Blackwood decoration

We also have a slightly older Cedar/Blackwood Concert guitar (#88) selling for a reduced price. Email us if you would like more information.


Matthias Kirchner

Matthias Kirchner

We met Matthias after a duo guitar concert in Prague in 2010 and invited him back to 'The Black Elephant' to try one of our concert guitars. Two years later, he has just purchased # 79 from our agent in Budapest.


Meredith Connie

Meredith is a performer, teacher and composer living in West Seattle, USA. Originally from Australia, she studied guitar at Sydney Conservatorium of Music with Gregory Pikler, having additional instruction from Gareth Koch and Stepan Rak. Meredith then travelled to San Francisco Conservatory of Music to complete a Masters in classical guitar and has settled in West Seattle in the state of Washington, USA.

Recently Meredith sent us a recording of Rak's Czech Fairy Tales performed on her Caldersmith guitar.

For more information about Meredith and her music see


*Background Music: "The Frog Galliard" - John Dowland. Played by Alessandro D'Aco on his Caldersmith Concert Guitar.


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