Process and Terms of Sale

(For Sales within AUSTRALIA)


  1. Placing an order
  2. At the time of placing an order, we will give you an approximation of when your instrument will be commenced and finished.

    We ask a deposit of $500 per instrument to secure your place on the waiting list. This is refundable if you wish to withdraw the order during the waiting period.


  3. Commencement of Making
  4. We will contact you prior to commencement of making. At this time, we also confirm delivery and payment details.

    Delivery within Australia may be by personal pick-up, registered Australia Post or a courier service.

    Payment - We prefer payment to be made via direct transfer to our account, but cheques or cash will be accepted.


  5. Receipt of Instrument
  6. Please phone or email to confirm arrival of the instrument. If you are happy with the instrument, please pay the balance within one week of receipt, unless otherwise discussed.

    If you are not totally happy with the instrument, we will discuss any problems and their remediation.


  7. Transit Problems
  8. Very occasionally, instruments are damaged in transit, usually in the cargo holds of aeroplanes. In this case, we would ask you to return the instrument for repair and we would claim the damage on our insurance. On the unfortunate occasion that an instrument is lost in transit, we would undertake to either refund your deposit or begin work on another instrument as soon as possible.