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Caldersmith Guitars Decorations

A Caldersmith guitar is generally easy to discern from a group because of its highly figured wooden rosette and matching ornately shaped headstock. Those ordering a guitar may nominate the wood they would like for their guitar back and sides, as well as their preferred decoration. Some examples of rosettes and headstocks are pictured below.

Please note that the following options are not always available, but we may be able to find something similar for you.

For further information, send us an email at our Contact page.

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Bluegum Bluegum.
Figured blackwood Figured Blackwood.
Huon Pine Huon Pine.
Macassar Macassar.
Redgum Redgum.


Huon Pine Headstock. Huon Pine Headstock.
Redgum Headstock. Redgum Headstock.
Figured blackwood Figured blackwood.
Mackay Cedar. Mackay Cedar.
Blackwood diamond and pearl dots. Blackwood diamond and pearl dots.
Huon Pine with herringbone, blackwood diamonds and pearl dots. Huon Pine with herringbone, blackwood diamonds and pearl dots.
Personalised Inlay Personalised Inlay.
Pink Silky Oak. Pink Silky Oak.
Red Silky Oak. Red Silky Oak.


Huon Pine Huon Pine.
Australian Blackwood Australian Blackwood.
Blackwood diamond and pearl in mastick Herringbone, Blackwood Diamonds and Pearl Dots in Mastick.
Blackwood with Pearl Inlay Blackwood with Pearl Inlay.
Brazilian Rosewood Brazilian Rosewood.
Detail of Silky Oak Rosette Detail of Silky Oak Rosette.
Red Silky Oak Red Silky Oak.
Mackay Cedar Mackay Cedar.
Silky Oak with Fibre surround Silky Oak with Fibre surround.
Lace Sheoak Lace Sheoak.

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