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Front of Workshop
Our workshop is one of the oldest buildings in the village of Comboyne, built between 1910 and 1915.

The interior is mostly local rosewood with the exterior made from local hardwoods such as tallowood, blackbutt and bluegum. We have re-stumped, restored and re-fitted to make what we believe is a perfect environment for handmaking musical instruments - a true 'cottage industry'

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Graham Caldersmith

Graham Graham

Graham Caldersmith started his career as a high school Science teacher in 1967, spending his weekends playing folk music and working with wood in his shed. In 1971, he moved back into academia to undertake a Masters in Aerophysics at ANU. Whilst working as laboratory manager and physics tutor, he started independent research into musical acoustics. At the age of 36 he finally indulged his passion with formal acoustics studies under Neville Fletcher at UNE, Armidale. Other significant opportunities came with a scholarship to research acoustics in Stockholm in 1978, a Churchill Fellowship to the US in 1982, and an Australia Council research equipment grant in 1980.

Graham has always made guitars in some capacity (since his first clumsy attempt using a plywood door at the age of 17), but did not become a full time luthier until 1978. Using his comprehensive background in acoustics and woodwork, he has become known as one of the pioneers of the Australian lattice-style guitars, and the leading exponent of the various guitar family instruments. He also has significant reputation as a maker of violins, violas and cellos. His early working life was spent in Canberra until 1995, when he moved to the Port Macquarie Hastings area to live first in the village of Kendall and more recently in the smaller village of Comboyne.





Angela MacPherson

Angela Angela

For the first 15 years of her working life, Angela worked in various settings as an Occupational Therapist. She then studied theatre and education, and spent some years as a teacher and group leader before joining Graham to work on guitars in 2004.

Angela initially participated in most aspects of guitar building but is now primarily involved in the design, administration and promotional aspects of the business. Her background in classical guitar has been helpful in assessing instruments and informing the making process.





Rye Turner


Rye Turner has been working part time with us since late 2007. Already skilled in general woodworking from a young age, Rye has a natural aptitude for guitar building and has become an integral part of our workshop operation, introducing invaluable new methodologies and jigs.

In addition to his work on Caldersmith guitars, Rye has spent time in the workshops of luthiers Gerard Gilet and Doug Eaton. He has built several guitars of his own - a steel string "O"(parlour guitar); steel string "OO"; two steel string "OOO"s; and a classical/flamenco. Rye plans to launch his own guitar brand one day.


Rye Rye



*Background Music: Eric Cathan on blackwood Grange: Estudio Romantico (Emilio Pujol).


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